About your donation to the Ma’rifa Foundation

Your donation to the Ma’rifa Foundation, a 501(c)(3) religious, charitable organization is allocated for the purpose of supporting the underprivileged, as well as, educating individuals seeking deep spiritual healing and an increased closeness to God.

Our purpose is to help care for the poor in the United States and those in other countries as well. Presently we are focused on providing assistance to Jerusalem’s needy families.

We offer financial assistance to students, from all over the world, in helping them attain an education from the University of Sufism and/or the Institute of Spiritual Healing. Both these organizations offer/share spiritual education, principles, methodologies and guidance while helping teach the students how to heal their heart, mind, body, soul and spirt, via the illuminated, spiritual Sufi teachings—an ancient healing system of the Shadhuliyya Sufi Way.

We appreciate all donations. Thank you.