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The Nature of Love and the Beauty of Loving God.

Join Ibrahim Jaffe and others in our community for a LIVE online class on February 13th from 4-5:30pm PT that will help you get ready for Valentine’s Day: The Nature of Love and the Beauty of Loving God.

A Touch of Healing: Spiritual Healing with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

A second LIVE online class that is exclusively for Expo participants – A Touch of Healing: Spiritual Healing with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe. On Wednesday, February 15th from 7-8:30pm PT, spend an hour and a half with Dr. Jaffe where you’ll learn about Sufi Spiritual Healing and get personal questions about your own healing journey answered.

Living the Complete Experience of Divine Unity

  • Connect with a community of seekers who are walking to know the Divine
  • Get support from experienced teachers and healers
  • Give back and be of service
  • Learn about the beauty of the Sufi path, entering a real path that leads to God
  • Learn to heal yourself through connecting to the Divine in our 9-course introductory series: Foundations of Spiritual Healing & Sufism
  • Learn to open your heart and discover your path to Oneness with the Divine through spiritual healing and purification in our 18-month Level 1 certificate program
  • Deepen your walking by opening and purifying your heart, connecting to and experiencing your soul, and embodying the beauty of your spirit though the 18-month Level 2 Divine Spiritual Healing Practitioner certificate program
  • Contribute to the world through a Level 3 Master’s of Divinity degree track where you will choose from the following:
    • Advanced Spiritual Healing Practitioner Program
    • Advanced Spiritual Peacemaking Program
    • Sufi Spiritual Ministry & Healing Program
    • Sufi Spiritual Guidance & Education Program

In addition to these key programs, all organizations have free offerings to help you taste the Divine Love and Sufi way. There’s always something more if you want to continue your journey with us.



Panel: Soul Mates & Twin Flame

Saturday 2/11 5pm

Los Angeles

Workshop: Sufism – Spirit of Unity

Saturday 2/11 8pm



Panel: Optimum Wellness Panel

Sunday 2/12 12:30pm

Los Angeles

Lecture: Essential Reality Healing

Sunday 2/12 6pm

Century A

Book Signing with Dr. Jaffe – God’s Way

Sunday 2/12 at 6:45 in the Mezzanine


Expo Booklet

The Ma’rifa Foundation, Institute of Spiritual Healing (ISH), and University of Sufism (UoS) are sister organizations that share ancient Shadhiliyya Sufi teachings in contemporary ways. Get to know us by reading our booklet, Living the Complete Experience of Divine Unity, and learn about our offerings.

Divine Names

The Divine Names are attributes of God that carry individualized and unique meanings. Through these names, we can taste the Divine essence and get support for our spiritual walking.

Each of us are born with all these names purely in our hearts. Over time, as we live in the world, they become distorted and veiled; we misunderstand the divine meanings and form illusionary pictures. Part of our spiritual healing journey is to spend time with each quality, cleaning the veils and allowing the true, pure light of the quality to shine brightly in our heart.

We hope you enjoy this beautiful gift, Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe’s 99 Names poster. If you wish to learn more and purchase your own set of individual name cards.

28 Stations

In the Sufi walking, as you journey to reach God and experience Unity, you walk through a series of spiritual stations, purifying and refining your being as you go. You start in the stations of the self (nafs), then you move to the stations of the heart, then to the stations of the soul, before finally reaching the stations of the secret.

    Station 1 - Station of the Self
    1. The Self contains your perception, your hearing, your feeling, the voices in your mind, and the desires of your heart. This is the station of beginning the journey toward the Divine and where most humans on the planet operate from.
    2. Sub-stations:
      1. Overcoming Listening to the Orders from the Darkness
      2. The Station of Still Questioning
      3. The Station of Faith and Trust
      4. The Station of Security
      5. Not Obeying Anything from the Nafs (Self)
      6. Accepting Without Asking
      7. The Perfection of the Nafs (Self)
    Station 2 - Station of the Heart
    1. This is the station where the self becomes inspired to walk to the Divine. Its locus is the heart, its state is love. This is where you begin to discern truth from falsehood and where you feel your heart truly opening, living more from love.
    2. Sub-stations:
      1. Politeness with God
      2. Awe of God
      3. The Station of Righteousness
      4. The Station of the Truth
      5. The Deep Love
    Station 3 - Station of the Soul
    1. The world of the inspired self is the World of Spirits, and its locus is the spirit. Its state is ardent, penetrating love and its arrival is gnosis (divine wisdom). This is where you more deeply embody the pure essence of God’s divine qualities rather than those of your self. It is also a Station where it is important to have a guide to show you the way.
    2. Sub-stations
      1. Silent Remembrance
      2. The Sincerity of the Love
      3. The Station of Freedom
      4. The Servant of God
      5. The Knowing of the Truth
      6. The Presence of the Freedom
      7. Annihilation in God
    Station 4 - Station of the Secret
    1. This walking is with God, and it is through the Muhammadan Reality. Its locus is the secret, and its state is sincere serenity, or tranquility and security. This station is difficult to describe in words and is beyond what the mind can grasp.
    2. Sub-stations:
      1. The Original State of Unity
      2. The Deep Secret Love
      3. The Father of the Spirit
      4. The Heart of the Secret
      5. The Water of the Love
      6. The Presence of Freedom
      7. The Holy Sun of Truth

    Additional Resources

    If your heart is longing to know more about the stations and learn how to witness where your being lives and how to walk through them, we encourage you to use the following resources:

    • Music of the Soul
    • He Who Knows Himself Knows His Lord

    Gods Way

    Sufi Spiritual Healing, teaches people how to find and heal the core issues and spiritual teachings that are connected to illness, disease and personal suffering. Drawing from the Sufi tradition as well other methods of healing Dr. Jaffe MD will unfold the A-PIIR-TB Method of working out the hidden causes of our illness, which when resolved often lead to healing of even the most difficult illnesses. Thousands have healed!

    Schedule a Healing

    Do you want to experience for yourself Sufi Spiritual Healing? Would you like the support of an experienced healer as you learn to look inwards? Do you have a serious illness that you want to look at from a spiritual perspective to reach the core cause of that illness? Reach out to one of our master healers and sign up for a healing

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